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The River Poem Coffee Mug

The River Poem Coffee Mug

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Available in 2 popular sizes, brighten your day with this mixed media collage inspired by my poem Everything Dappled and Shifting:

I lie by a river on a bed of grass

in the shade of spotted trees,

held by the music of the birds.

I enter the water

and move the stones of the riverbed

into a circle.

I work hard all morning

with another woman

lifting and rolling,

rolling and lifting,

the cold water cooling us

soothing us, singing its songs.

We make a hollow

big enough for us both to curl in,

our bodies circles within circles.

We lie there, content,

in the belly of the river.

Everything is dappled and shifting

except the stones.

This high quality, dishwasher and microwave safe classic mug is made from quality ceramic with a comfortable handle.

Colors vary on computer monitors so be aware that there may be subtle differences in the final product.

© Cassandra Arnold 2021

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