Where is peace found?

Where is peace found?

prestatyn beach at sunset

Hello, you wonderful human! 

I took this photo on Prestatyn Beach in Wales while I was visiting my sister about a week ago. The beauty of the sky unfolded as we stood on the sand, never staying the same but shifting almost imperceptibly into richness after richness as we watched. It felt like a moment out of time, away from the concerns of war, and pandemics, floods, fire and famine.

It was... and yet it was also - and more importantly - a moment fully embedded in the reality of all of those things. If we try to find peace by denying the realities of our global situation, I believe that we will fail. Ultimately, peace comes from a radical acceptance of both our power and our helplessness, of our ability to change things and the enormity of the task.

So this month, a nature quiz with a mystery prize, resources for activist training for your own path or for helping others, the film Arctic Drift, and an invitation to share where peace finds you.

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