The New Normal?

The New Normal?

I really really hope not! But here in Calgary, Canada, the vaccine roll out is a long way off and we are still being super cautious. 

But all this computer time! It's a challenge not to get a stiff neck, sore back, tight shoulders, fuzzy vision and hug withdrawal. 

Still, the slower pace of my own life has definite benefits. I have more time for my own projects. At least in theory! 

What I noticed this week was how much information was pouring into my life without me genuinely wanting it. It was mostly good as individual things, but overall, just too demanding. 

So I am doing a major digital pruning. The Make Time book and blog was very helpful, with a bunch of ideas to test out, and a core idea of having one Highlight activity each day. Might be the most urgent, or the most joyful. I'm aiming for the latter eventually, which today is going to be a walk beside the river.

What about you? How do you control the inflow into your life? Is it nurturing or a drag on your soul?

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