The Mists of Life

The Mists of Life

Hello, you wonderful human being! 

Here we are at another Equinox, this time as the dark half of the year creeps back into our (northern-hemisphere) lives. I took the image above as we drove into Yellowstone National Park and climbed to the pass on a crisp, misty morning, with the promise of seeing the expected wonders of geysers and canyons, and the hope of seeing the unpredictable wonders of wildlife.

And such is life, is it not? We never know what lies ahead. We never know when our plans will bear fruit or we will have to grapple with disappointment.

So, how far ahead can we see, and what difference does our sense of that make to our choices?

(Just for the record, the rest of that day and in fact the entire visit was NOT disappointing!)

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