Hello, Happy Equinox!

How a month seems to fly past at times. This is my last newsletter from England for now. I fly home with David on 5th October. It's going to seem very strange at first I know.

Last week, we walked through this tunnel of fallen oaks down at the RSPB sanctuary at Pagham Harbour. They must have been planted over a hundred years ago, running along the track beside the estuary. We sat for a while, listening to the seabirds and watching little crabs moving pebbles under the water.

I love how they just kept on growing even as the bank was cut away under them and they toppled on their sides. The branches just reoriented themselves to the light and set off upward again. A lovely metaphor for all our lives.

This month, a round up of my recent poems and photographs, a new season of Sunday Afternoon Poetry Live, a range of sustainable products for my UK readers, and how to repair almost anything, and get out of a creative slump - in case you need a boost!

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