Remember childhood summers?

Remember childhood summers?

Hello my friend!

I spent last weekend camping in the tent above. Such a magical dive back into the endless days of childhood. Within less than 24 hours, I felt as if I had been there for a week.

Was it the lack of electricity and therefore lack of phone and internet and all the pressures to stay connected? Was it the ducks quacking, the sound of children playing, lazing in the deckchair re-reading our beloved Enid Blyton Adventure series, digging out the stream to make channels for toy ducks to race along, swimming in the lake and hot tub, toasting marshmallows? 

All of that I think... but especially being outside, moving more, being in sensory time, in our bodies. Then time expands and we can reclaim the endless days of childhood (even as we lever ourselves up later to organize dinner and break up tired-children fights). 

Have you experienced anything like that recently? Any plans coming up that might allow it to happen?


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