Finding Balance

Finding Balance

yin and yang, hands cupped around fire and water

Hello you magnificent human being! 

Happy Equinox!

Unthinkable things are happening in the world. 

That actually isn't anything new, but our news coverage tends to prioritize some events over others, and we react accordingly.

That said, remember to take time for self care and compassion, for yourself first, and then for others. All others. Wherever they are. Whoever they are. We are all in this together. We are all involved. 

There is no where to run, nowhere to hide as we battle each other in a world that is crying out for change.

So, here, for a few moments, I hope you will find peace, hope and healing.

Read the full newsletter here. This month, an in-person art show, nominations for the Aurora Award are open, resources about Russia and Ukraine, and healing circles. 

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