• Earth Day(s)

    This month, reflections on Earth Day and how to create a future we would love to have, more on the 100 Day Project over on Instagram, new art...
  • Finding Balance

    Hello you magnificent human being!  Happy Equinox! Unthinkable things are happening in the world.  That actually isn't anything new, but our news ...
  • Healing and Wonder

    Hello you wonder-full human being! I don't know about you, but here in Canada, and when I lived in Australia, February's a difficult month. Too mu...
  • January - where dreams go to die?

    Happy New Year you magnificent being! So here we are, across the threshold of 2022, well into January and doing great on all our new resolutions a...
  • Solstice: a time of extremes?

    Happy Solstice my friend! Most of you are in the Northern Hemisphere sharing the winter solstice with me this year, some of you are in the Souther...

    Now is a great moment to take a breath and think about how you would genuinely like to celebrate the Christmas/end of year festive season. 

    Plus, new products in my Christmas art shop, a free gratitude meditation and a soothing winter podcast.

  • No Tricks, Just treats

      Hello again. Happy Halloween season! I remember my first ever Halloween party. I was 9 years old. It wasn't really a thing in England back then,...

    Hello, Happy Equinox! How a month seems to fly past at times. This is my last newsletter from England for now. I fly home with David on 5th Octobe...
  • A world in flux

    This month, reflections on the history of Corfe Castle and how it relates to our times, an update on the recent anthology launch and my art on Ins...
  • Remember childhood summers?

    This month, how to recapture the endless days of childhood summers, the anthology launch set for August 1st, inspiring Creative Pauses, and good news stories for the planet.
  • The Wheel of Life

    Hello You! (to borrow a greeting from Adam Rutherford when he presents the BBC weekly Inside Science podcast).

    Here I am in England again, visiting my mother who is almost 90, and my niece has just given birth to triplets. The fields are full of lambs and birds are doing courtship dances on every branch.

    Life is determined to be abundant whether or not we are confined to our homes, nervous about newly regained freedoms, or on a plane crossing uncaring skies.

    This month, I have updates on my art and writing, the best of my recent reading, a free Permaculture book online and an AI Haiku app that generates a ‘poem’ based on where you are on the map.

  • A New Optimism?

    So here in Calgary, the snow is almost gone, birds are arriving with the warming sun, and my mind is turning to the joys of being outside with fewer layers of clothing and less hassle!

    Who knows what the remainder of the year will bring? Are you dreaming of new adventures, but reluctant to commit in case your plans are scuppered again? I feel exactly like that.

    This month, enjoy my latest art, forest soundscapes, virtual tours of almost anywhere, therapeutic expressive drawing, and the best of my bookshelf.