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  • The world's a mess, but what can we do?

    I imagine, like me, that you have been watching the state of the world in the first weeks of this new year, and feeling - possibly - a bit helpless. Hopeless even.

    So welcome to a dose of inspiration, because, you know, there is a lot that can be done, but in order to take meaningful action we need to be nurtured on many levels ourselves.

    Clearly, I read and write fiction and make art for that reason, but there are other ways that make a difference too, so read on for inspiring lives, hilarious opera, a site packed with mental health and wellness freebies, activist training, and my own take on New Year Resolutions. Have you given up on yours yet?

  • Merry Christmas!

    Who are we kidding? But seriously, welcome to this newsletter which is full of surprises, and a special gift for you inside. Just click here to open it up and enjoy.

    Gratitude to Ann Larin on Pixabay for this beautiful image.