Are you an artist? Do you wish you could paint?

I always knew I couldn’t until I moved to Calgary from Australia in 2010, enrolled in a class and began to explore. It was SO exciting to discover that making art was something I could learn.

I love acrylic as I have no patience with waiting for anything to dry. I can do pretty much anything with it on canvas, paper, or board: watercolour effects, thick texture, bursts of colour, subtle lines. What emerges is usually a total surprise, one of the great delights for me as I work.

"To love art is to embrace the language of the soul."

Art is more than paint on a canvas, colour on the page. It helps us refresh our minds, bring peace to our homes, and do the work we are called to in the world. I paint emotions rather than objects. I want you to feel that you are standing on the mountain top, in the forest or on the windswept beach, or to capture something essential in an abstract that speaks to the depths of you.

Many of my paintings were inspired by the beaches of Australia and the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, but they are all tinged with imagination.

  • I'd been looking for some new artwork but nothing really evoked an emotion in me until I came upon the very talented Casandra Arnold. Her love and excitement for life and nature is very evident.

    Maggie McNeil

  • I always feel your bright cheerful spirit comes through in your work, which is why I love it so much!

    Adria Laycraft

  • There’s a vastness and a sense of infinity in Cassandra’s landscapes, ruggedness and serenity, timelessness that expands the viewer’s heart in a moment of awe. Swati Chavda